Gherkin and cucumber production in the Netherlands

Find out more about the gherkin and cucumber production process used by Majstro Seeds in the Netherlands.


Seed production

Besides breeding new varieties, the production of good quality seeds  is an important aspect of serving our customers. In order to secure availability our seed production is divided over different geographical locations in the world.


In order to produce seed, which is true to type, one must become knowledgeable in the reproductive process as well as the techniques used for maintenance selection, the genetic diversity and identity, seed harvesting, seed cleaning and seed storage.


MAJSTRO SEEDS can rely on many years of experience and partnerships around the world to assure good quality and sufficient seed supply every year.

Monitoring production

We are committed to provide our customers with the highest quality seeds. This starts with the selection of growing areas and partners in carefully chosen locations of the world. These locations have been seriously tested for reliability over the years.


Systematically, we visit and monitor all production fields worldwide. All production is shipped to our facilities in the Netherlands and Tanzania where the quality of the seed is checked.

Quality control

We test the quality and germination of every seed lot according the rules of ISTA, International Seed Testing Association.


Apart from the ISTA tests, we run extra checks developed by professional laboratories where the quality and vigor of the seed is checked again before  being released to our clients.


Furthermore, official laboratories carry out additional tests to guarantee the quality of the seeds before they are conditioned and distributed.

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